Surfe.Pro Ad Network Review : Minimum payout 0.03$

Surfe Pro is a Russian base Ad Network for any blogger site and website. They pay a little amount for publishers. They show attractiveness and reliable ads on blogs. If you want to earn very fast with good ads. This ad network is provided for you.

Surfe.Pro Ad Network Review : Minimum payout 0.03$

This ad network is highly recommended for those who have a blog site with very little traffic and haven't high-quality traffic. As we see that many bloggers are disappointed when they cannot earn from their little blog. As a result, they removed their valuable blog and end their blog carriers quickly.

Surfe.Pro Ad Network Review : Minimum payout 0.03$

For this reason, I share these ad network tricks for disappointed bloggers. By the way, I will share the review in 2 parts one is a good aspect and the other is a bad aspect. Every ad network have this two side but some have a big problem some have a little problem. Anyway, See first the good aspect of this ad network.

Some Good Aspect of Surfe.Pro :

  • Non-irritating Ads support.
  • Not show any Adult, gambling, and fragility ads on a blog.
  • Support self click.
  • Real-time stat and click count with fast.
  • The minimum payout threshold is 0.03$
  • Ads Format is only Banner and Display Ads.
  • Fast Approved(no approval needed)
  • Pay for impression
So these are the good aspect of ad network. Also have many advantages of this network. You can use it easily. And start earning from a little site. For more information, I will share it on a table. See it:

Company Name Surfe.Pro
Commission Type CPC CPI and CTR base
Minimum Payout 0.003$
Payment Frequency Any time
Payment Method Payeer, IWI, Yandex.Money, WebMoney, and AdvCash
Country Russia
Ads Style Banner and Display
Ads Format 720x90 , 468x60 , 300 x 250, 240 x 400, 400 x 290, 500 x 50
Ads graphical, innovative, and reliable
Support Customer Care Yes- from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m
Revenue Style Payment ̴$43.6 per 1,000 clicks

Surfe.Pro has many problems if you are a professional blogger. Cause, Professional Blogger don't have need any lower revenue ad networks. But Small bloggers want to monetize their small blog. So, I think this post will help small bloggers. 
Surfe.Pro Ad Network Review : Minimum payout 0.03$

Anyway, now I share and marked some bad aspects of the surfe pro. Actually, we want to earn more but you can't earn more from surfe. pro. Because it's especially recommended for Russian bloggers and small bloggers.

The bad aspects of show below. See it:

  • Every click and impression revenue is badly worst. Like 0.0000125353.
  • You can only set Banner Ads on a blog. Not supported Popunder, Interstitial, Native, and others ads.
  • 0.03 $ is very low and long time revenue.
  • No Customer support center. support direct mail.
  • Ads style is not good at all. But support self-click and blogging related ads.
So, this was the bad aspect of this ad network. I included both sides. So that you can know better began using this ad network.
Surfe.Pro Ad Network Review : Minimum payout 0.03$

I have used this network for my blog. And I saw some benefits and disadvantages also. If your blog has many visitors or many self-click, you can use it for fast revenue and threshold. But I strongly recommended new bloggers and self-click bloggers.

Final Thought

I share my experience and review of Surfe. pro ad network. If you have any kind of interest in this network, You can use it otherwise skip using the ad network. I will write the review with some other Ad network also. You will see it as soon as possible. Until then you have to wait. Otherwise, you can follow this blog by using your email.

Thanks! for reading these articles. If you have any questions. Please let us know in the comment box. I will respond as soon as possible. 

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