Fast and Lightweight Browser for 2gb RAM or Lower PC


Old computers! need to more speed on browser! First time when to get to more speed for browsing. The major problem is not fast and secure. But if you want to speed up your browsing. You can do two things and that is one: you can take 2/4/8 GB RAM extra or the second is: You can use the fastest and lightweight browser to increase maximum speed.

If you are unable to new extra ram for pc/laptop. You can choose the second step for fast and speed. Mind it, it will not 100% work or get browsing fast. But, I think these tricks will help to browse faster. Cause, this is one of the major problems for slow browsing. For Speed up your PC check this also: How to do speed up my 2GB ram pc or laptop.

Anyway, I will share the 3 Browser names, description, download link, and discuss compared. These 3 browsers are only suggested for old pc/laptops/computers like 4GB ram, 2GB ram or lower or. The 3 Browser list are:
  • Chromium Web Browser
  • Vivaldi Web Browser
  • Mozilla Firefox Web Browser

I select these 3 browsers for review. Cause, I was used many browsers personally like opera, brave, Vivaldi, firefox, chrome, GNOME browser, Chromium, and more. So that I can help people who suffer from fast browsing problems on old computers. And then I select these three browsers.

  Chromium Web Browser

Chromium, a web browser is specially designed by GOOGLE. But, remember it! that chromium is not fully secure. Cause, it is now under construction or in-build application. But at this point, Chromium is super fast for old computers. Don't think about security. Cause, that reason not any major problem for normal browsing.


The main point is Chromium is an (open-source) project for a stable, secure, and fast browser that developing by google. And there are many major developers are working for chromium GoogleMicrosoftIntelIgaliaYandexSamsungLG

ElectronicsARMOperaNavercorp, other companies, and independent contributors. However for more about chromium go to Wikipedia: "Chromium web browser".


Some Good Aspect of Chromium Web Browser:

  • Fast and UI like Chrome browser.
  • Normal secure at all.
  • Stable, suitable, and lightweight
  • Support on Windows, Mac, Linux, or Android
  • Full features support like chrome.
  • Do not slow for old PC.

Chromium install code for Linux: 

sudo apt-get install chromium-browser

Vivaldi Web Browser

Vivaldi Web Browser is developed by Vivaldi Technologies. The Company founder was co-founder and CEO of Opera Software. Vivaldi Web Browser is known as a Secure, Private and fast browsing application. Vivaldi puts you in control with unique features and unique UI. It is very useful for ads to disable, trackers, and blocking ads. Vivaldi's main point is secure and private but it also supports fast browsing for old computers. I also used this browser and I felt the changes of this browser. 

Vivaldi UI(User Interface) is awesome from other browsers and also unique features and themes. In old computer, When I used it. I saw that they put you secure and lightweight UI. But the problem is Vivaldi is not as fast as other browsers like chromium or firefox on 2GB Ram PC/laptop. But if you have any security reasons, you must try it.

Some Good Aspect of Vivaldi Web Browser:
  • Unique UI and Unique Features
  • Lightweight and Fastest browser as well.
  • Perfect For security and privacy.
  • Great Themes and customize options.
  • Best Support for old model pc or higher.
  • Support on Windows, Linux, and Mac also.
  • Extra Features: any website Web Panel(unique).


For getting Vivaldi Web Browser:

Vivaldi Installation for Linux: 

Get the .dev file. Click the file and install it simply.

Mozilla Firefox Web Browser

Mozilla Firefox is known as an Open-source and fast, secure web browser. Firefox is developed by Mozilla Corporation & Foundation. Firefox is popular for its Secure and fast browsing. If anyone says that which is secure or fast for old pc at all? I will say that is Mozilla Firefox. I also use firefox. the firefox security issue is very unique and special. Firefox is also known as a fast and lightweight browser.

Firefox web browser has protection dashboard features. which is unique more. Firefox able to block secret trackers and also social media trackers.

Support stylish UI looking and Dark mode. If you search for any security reason with a fast browser. Then, Firefox is perfect for you. But, it will support good for 2GB or greater than computers. If your pc specs are lower than 2GB then, I will not suggest them for you. you can try others or chromium.

Some good aspect of Mozilla Firefox Web Browser:
  • Fast and Secure web browser ever.
  • Support social media trackers and website trackers disabled.
  • Open-source and lightweight designed.
  • Protection Dashboard Features.
  • DNS over HTTPS (DoH) helps keep ISP(internet service provider) from selling your data.
  • Window Picture-in-Picture features.
  • Dark-mode, Theme, Add-on, and good UI.
  • Secure password management and monitoring system.

Firefox installation for Linux:

  1. Download Firefox from the Firefox page to your home directory.
  2. Open a Terminal and go to your home directory:
    cd ~
  3. Extract the contents of the downloaded file:
    tar xjf firefox-*.tar.bz2
  4. Close Firefox if it's open.
  5. To start Firefox, run the firefox script in the firefox folder:
    Firefox should now start. You can then create an icon on your desktop to run this command.
  6. There's no need to keep the installation file:
    rm firefox-*.tar.bz2

 Collected from: Mozilla Firefox

So that was a review about fast and secure browsers. I want to help people who suffer from browsing problems on an old computer. I have also an old laptop. And all the browsers, I especially tried and find out different good aspects for different browsers.

7 small windows software but most useful and free

Final Thought

All information is written on my own experience and collected from the internet. So that through a good review and compare one to another. All browser I include these articles they already have different types for good aspect. So, you can use one or more. If you face a browsing problem on an old pc/laptop then try these 3 browsers and find your compatible browser. I can comment below that what is your compatible browsers. Which can help others to find fast, good, and secure web browsers.

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