Adsterra Review: Earnings, CPM and Payment Information and Details


Nowadays adsterra become a good and relevant ad network for publishers. Especially for bloggers cause it supports Blogspot free domain and any site. it helps to earn good revenue from any blog or site. Adsterra now becomes a very popular ad network for support, payment, and ad format.


In this review, techyhopper will show adsterra earnings, CPM, and payment in detail. All information will include my own adsterra experience and work history. So, information will change anytime.

Adsterra Review

Adsterra ad network is a high stable CPM and high converting ad surfe ad network for any publishers. It supports all relevant ad formats. It has banners, native, popunder, push-notifications, social bar, and vast video ads format. I think all ad format has included on adsterra.

Adsterra supports 6 payment methods: Paxum, Webmoney, Bank transfer, USDTether, PayPal, and Bitcoin. So, it takes an easy system on their payment method.

It supports desktop and mobile traffic. Also can monetize URL shortener and domain parking site. In popunder ad format they have the anti-AdBlock system. Adsterra helps support center is one of the most favorite points for me. Cause, they support real-time.

Anyway, see the table for some important information about adsterra:

Adsterra Ad Network Details
Commission CPM, CPC, POP, CPA, CPL, and CPI
Minimum Payout 5$ for PayPal and WebMoney others 100$
Country UK
Ads Format Banners, popunder, vast, social bar, push and native ads
Payout system Net15
Ads verticles E-commerce, Games, Pin submits, Dating, Gambling, Sweepstakes, Binary and crypto Utilities
Referrals Yes, 5%
Realtime stats Yes

Adsterra CPM

Adsterra has a high and stable CPM for publishers. when I was work with adsterra I was got 0.076 CPM. But my site traffic was from BD, IND, and ID. 

adsterra cpm

So, if you get traffic from the UK or the US. So, I will show examples with the CPM of adsterra. 
In include that adsterra pay for one-click CPC is 0.001 or higher. It depends on traffic conversation and activities.

Adsterra Earnings

adsterra earnings

If you have any gaming site, e-commerce, and earing site you can earn for adsterra much more. My experience when I was work with adsterra. It was quite little earnings. For example, techyhopper includes a screenshot of adsterra.

Adsterra  Payment Info

Adsterra has multiple payout methods. Which is good for any publishers for hassle-free payment. There are 6 payout methods: Paypal, paxum, Bitcoin is 5$ threshold and bank transfer or other is 100$.

adsterra payment

Adsterra will announce every month of 15 payouts. When you complete the adsterra payout requirement you can payout by Net15.

Is Adsterra Scam or legit?

Actually, Adsterra is one kind of trusted ad network. But, sometimes it's not paying for any illegal click or impression, Bot-traffic, etc. If you work with adsterra truly. 

You will not deception by adsterra. And my opinion is that adsterra is trusted since 2007 and now it's a popular ad network for everyone. 

Be surprised to hear that is some bloggers want to use adsterra for a Google AdSense alternative. So, don't be afraid. Let's work with adsterra.

Adsterra Ads 

Adsterra shows many types of ads includes e-commerce, Pin submit, games, Gambling, dating, sweepstakes, and crypto utilities.

If you do not want to show Dating and Gambling Types ads you can filter them easily. For, quick removal, you can contact with adsterra team to remove or not show dating/gambling ads on your site. 
adsterra ads adult settings

When I was use adsterra, I was contacted with adsterra and find exclusive help from adsterra. I rated "adsterra help response" 5 out of 5.

Final Thoughts:

It is difficult to earn from blogs or online. But if your hard work and patience. I think you will succeed.
In this ad network review, I include all the information that need to know adsterra. I saw that worldwide adsterra is now better position. That's why I take a review that people take help from this blog and review.

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