Customize Zorin OS by using Tweaks


Customize Zorin OS by using Tweaks

Customize Zorin OS theme by using GNOME tweaks application
. Today, techyhopper will share that how to customize Zorin OS without any hesitation. It's very simple and easy to customize. But first, you have to install Tweaks applications on your computer.

How to install the Tweaks application on Zorin OS?

- Go to your App list and open the "Software" application from the menu. 

- Then search on the search box. write "Tweak" on the search box and you will see search results.

- Find GNOME Tweaks. Install it on your computer.

Done! tweaks install is set up. Now customize the Zorin OS theme as you want.

install gnome tweaks on zorin os

Customize Theme by using GNOME Tweaks


You can customize applications, cursor, icons, shell, background image, adjustment, and lock screen.

 You can change hi-color, high-contract, Zorin, Zorin-95, adwaita, and much more combinations for any style. 

Also can change application close, minimize, and maximum option features.

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In this option, you can change your desktop home apps icons. You can remove and add any app on your desktop home.


The main important option for customizing Zorin os theme. Mind it, you can change Zorin os look like ubuntu by using extension options.

make zorin os like ubuntu

The extension option, you can customize:

  • Remove Zorin based taskbar and fit like ubuntu style taskbar
  • Remove Zorin menu and panel and add ubuntu-based menu and panel.
  • If you want to customize Zorin main panel and taskbar, not like ubuntu. You can also do it by using "Zorin Appearance". Otherwise, you can do it in tweaks.
  • Customize Alternate tab, Application menu, Auto Move Window, Launcher, Native window placement, Place status indicate, Menu, Screenshot, Theme, Print, Zorin dash, panel, and Taskbar.
For More Information, You can also change Fonts, Keyboard & Mouse, Power, Startup Applications, Topbar, windows, Workshop, etc.

Make Zorin OS like Ubuntu with Tweaks

Mainly, Linux users used tweaks for customizing like Ubuntu. So, go to your tweaks. Then go to extension and off your Zorin panel. You will see some changes. 

Next, click on Zorin dash. then click the settings icon beside on button. Then go to the Appearance option and click on "User built-in theme" to turn on the option. Now you will see like ubuntu style desktop. You can customize more with other options.

Some Tips About Zorin Os:

1. Go to your Zorin Appearance to customize the Zorin theme.

2. For Dark mode, dark/white, and white mode you can also change by using Zorin appearance.

3. Zorin has 3 style interfaces like windows7, applications style, and ubuntu style. Change any things you want by using "Zorin Appearance" and "GNOME Tweaks".

For Any Several queries and questions, let us know by using the comment box. Techyhopper definitely tries to help you.

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