How to Rank Blogger Blog on Google ?

Every Blogger or website owner wants to rank her site on google. So that they can get organic traffic from search engines or Google. If you can't rank your blog/site on search engines or google it's difficult to survive on online income tragedy. So you must learn about the rank sites on google.

How to Rank Blogger Blog on Google ?

Today I will share rank blog/site on google. Many bloggers have Blogspot sites but don't know how to rank a site on google. That's why they are frustrated about blogging. In this article, I include some very important points for ranking on google. And will share some SEO tips for beginners. 

Starting Points: 

Some points will include in these articles:

  • Blogger blog or site On-Page SEO Checklist
  • Submit Blog URL on Search Engines.
  • Create Backlink From Social Media.
  • Create Quality Posts or Articles.
Blog articles rank Points:

Some points important for Blog Articles writing:
  • Low keyword finding
  • Quality header title.
  • Keyword density.
  • Blog Post linking.
First, I will start with "Starting points". Because it is the major important point to rank your main URL on google. Then you need to second major point to rank your blog post on google. So I will discuss all the points one by one. Let's check out:

On-Page SEO Checklist

on-page seo tips

Every website needs to rank on search engines. On-page SEO will help to introduce your site on google or others. Google will know about your website by using on-page optimization. Some categories you have to follow for on-page SEO. Like:
  • Meta Description
  • Title Choosing
  • Custom Robot Crawling.
  • Sitemap generating
  • Meta Tags
And much more points have to use for on-page. You can see details about that's options on my blog post: Blogger Meta and SEO Settings.

By the way, If you have any interest in a rank post on google you will be also using the on-page SEO. But it will be on your blog post. I also include it on the "Blog Articles Rank" point.

Submit URL on Search Engines

If you have any website you must to do submit your URL on search engines. If you want to get traffic organically. If you don't submit it people won't know your blog or website.

Especially you want to submit a URL on google. Go to google search console and submit your URL. Google will ask to verify your site. If you are the owner of the website then verified it. 

Once you've verified your website. Google will show on search engine. Mind it, if you want to submit your blog post you must submit a sitemap of your site.

Create Backlink From Social Media

Once you've submitted your site on google. The next point is to create a high-quality backlink to increase rank on google. Even when you will create a backlink by using social media google will automatically rank your blog or site. By the way, you can check also it:

Some social media you can create backlink easily:
  • Facebook
  • Quora
  • Pinterest for image SEO
  • Tumblr
  • Facebook Page
  • Medium
  • Twitter
and more. But if you create at least 2/3 social backlinks. it's enough to stand or rank on google.

Create Quality Content or Articles

Quality content/articles are most important for Quality Earnings. That means quality content will help to rank on search engines, earnings, growing traffic, create backlinks,s and much more. Create quality articles isn't easy at all. But you can best effort some important topics. I will include all topic details below.
Quality Blog Articles or content

Some options Quality Articles:

Low Keyword Find

Write an article by using low competitor keywords. Because It will help to google first-page ranking and get organic traffic. So try to find out low competitor keywords and write about it.

For more about this topic go to On-Page SEO Tips for Blogger

Header Title

The header is one of the major points which google robot will select for rank. So it's also the main point for a blog post.

Keyword Density

Write a long article it will rank on google. Cause, google robot will find out which articles is very clear, long, and quality. I suggest from my own experience that writes articles about 500-1000 keywords. It will help for SEO also. Mind it keep minimum keyword density.

Blog Post Linking

Blog post linking is a trick to keep visitors on your website or blog. It will also help to rank fast on google. So try to link one post to another post. I think the best situation is when you share articles in this time you can link also related posts. It will help also visitors to find another related post.


I hope you understand every topic. You can check also related posts for better understanding. I was sharing all topic from own experience. I also used these tricks to rank my blog URL on google and bing. So that I share about this. I will help also you. If you have any queries or problems about the topic. Then let us know by using the comment box. Stay tuned and share it more and more.


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