Zorin OS 16 Review and New Features


Zorin community release their new os version and update Zorin OS 15.3 to 16. In this review techyhopper will show about Zorin OS 16 updates:

  • User Interface(UI)
  • Themes Customization & Zorin Appearance.
  • Icons and Wallpaper
  • Task Bar and Top Bar.
  • Some essential things.
The fast-growing Linux distro is Zorin OS and it liked to view as windows 7,8,10 and also 11. I used Zorin os a long time.
Zorin OS 16 Review

Lastly, they update their os in Zorin 16 version. It is a Linux-based Ubuntu type distros. That's why Zorin os is can easily use and it has a minimal user interface.

User Interface(UI)

In Zorin 15.2 to 16, I was found some changes on Zorin os user interface. It has some odd features on 15.3. But when I install 16, I saw eye-blowing new features and interfaces. They change some features on the menu. The menu app list is now widely and comfortable for scrolling. 

Zorin 16 has support to move the app from one place to another. And the grid style app list can move also. They launch a new default app and its name "Tour". Which is introducing with Zorin os 16.

The Tool Box now looks like a very clean and minimal interface with some minor changes. But the date and time tools are now the same as old.

Themes & Zorin Appearance

The major changes are Zorin's appearance and themes. In version 16, I see that they use all color features in gradient color. That's can help to see minimal. In Zorin 15.3 they only supported only 2 layouts. But Zorin 16 now supports 4 layout themes. Like ubuntu style, windows, and mac os.

The themes are now the same as the old version. Like dark/night version, daylight version, and dark/daylight version. But Zorin's improve their graphical color ascent. They start supporting gradient color on themes features.

The big point for Zorin is that is the jelly mode effect for moving applications. And they use also use this effect for opening the app from the taskbar.

Icons and Wallpapers

Some important icons also change on Zorin 16 which I also want to change. The Zorin logo on windows key/menu key icons is now changed, and the menu key is now like the ubuntu menu key. Which is a good point for updates.

Zorin also changes the Activities icon. And they add a new app/website for feedback. Other app icons were the same but you can customize also them from Zorin's appearance.

Zorin's wallpaper has also changed from the old version. Now the wallpaper is very gradient and colorful. And if you are not set from listed you can add manual wallpaper also.

TaskBar and ToolBar

The Taskbar is now some essential changes and modifications. Its color now accepts gradient and transparent form. You can set it as white and dark. 

The taskbar can change bottom, top left, and right. If you set the layout as ubuntu then the taskbar will also change. 

The Toolbar is a new interface activated. Now toolbar hovers CSS is very smooth and clean and also fast. Otherwise, others things are like the old version.

The toolbar will also change if you change your Zorin layout. So, I think Zorin 16 has the power to new features to help users.

Try Zorin OS 16 Beta version: Zorin OS 16

Some Essential Things:

Zorin OS 16 is changed from 15.3 which is now much more user-friendly. They now support good for users. In zorin16 they already give a 'Feedback' application for users. You can give also feedback by using it.

For users, they have to add an application for introduction with Zorin os 16 and the user's help. I think it can be known that Zorin in next does well and better than now.

Final Thoughts

Zorin OS 16 updates are now changing our mind that they can do also make users sense. I also tested the Zorin os 16 beta version. If you want a Linux distro like windows, you can use Zorin for more support.

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