Best CPM Ad Network for Blogspot

Best CPM Ad Network for Blogspot

The Bloggers want to monetize the blog with CPM based ad network. For this reason, techyhopper will share 3 high and best CPM-based ad networks for Blogspot. This article will write all of my experiences when I worked with 3 ad networks. And what was I got CPM for these ad networks!

So keep reading this blog and keep eye on this blog for future posts. By the way, in this post I will share my experience about these 3 ad networks:

  • Propeller Ads
  • Pop Ads
  • Adsterra
I think bloggers already known these 3 advertisement network. But many bloggers don't know about their targeted CPM and revenue information clearly. In this review, I also try to clarify all pieces of information. N:B: CPM means Cost Per Miles. But it is also known as Cost Per Thousand Impression.

PropellerAds CPM

Propeller Ads share high CPM for popunder and popup ads and also native ads some of theirs. A compatible and quality ads serve by propellerads. Like interstellar, Native, popunder, popup, push notifications, and direct link. That is a way to earn much more from PropellerAds

If your site has UK and USA traffic and UK and USA area country traffic, you can get a maximum CPM and revenue from the propellerads network. But you have also other tiers of country traffic like India, Russia, Africa, and others, you might also get more revenue. 

Actually, it depends on country tiers and conversational traffic. I will include below of propellerads country tiers. 
PropellerAds Country Tiers

When I worked with propeller ads, I was got a high and best CPM rate for them. If your CPM is high that means your earnings are also high. From my journey, I was got a maximum 1.08$ CPM rate. It includes below:
PropellerAds CPM

Pop Ads CPM

Pop Ads don't serve any display, interstellar, native, or banner ads. Pop Ads is only showing Popunder and Popup ads. That's why their CPM is almost high for every traffic.

You can get high CPM by using their Pop ad. The pop ad can generate maximum profit for you. You just mind that your traffic has quality.

By the way, you can exclude any categories from ad codes like adult or gambling. If I talk about their CPM then it is very very high and best. But, their earnings are low. Cause popads share a petty and little revenue with you. That's why techyhopper keep this ad network at 2nd. 

But never mind, If your site has heavy traffic from all over the world that is enough. You will have a high CPM with much more earnings.

When I was working with Popads, I was got a maximum of 0.31$ CPM from PopAds. The Screenshot is included below:
PopAds CPM

Adsterra CPM

Adsterra is the best ad network for newbie bloggers or low-value blogs. But adsterra will perform good value on a very good traffic site. They provided many ad styles or variants for publishers. While you can get maximum revenue from adsterra.

TechyHopper has also covered articles about details of Adsterra Ad Network. See it also from here: Adsterra Review: Earnings, CPM and Payment Information, and Details

By the way, Adsterra can also give high and best CPM for publishers. But it is different from PopAds. cause popads give CPM high and income is low. On the other hand, Adsterra will give some low CPM and income is average. that's why I also include adsterra on my best CPM ad network list.

When I was working with adsterra, I got some best profit from them. And that is 0.052$ from adsterra. The screenshot is below:
Adsterra CPM

So these were the 3 best CPM ad networks for Blogspot. but the propellerads is not supported the domain. The other 2 ad networks are supported Blogspot free domain.

Some Words

Actually nowadays Blogspot free domains are not easy to monetize. Cause it is now hard. That's why I suggested to you buy a preferable domain and add it with a free Blogspot domain. Then you can monetize easily your blog. You can apply for propellerads, hilltopads, adnow, and many other premium ad networks.

I was share information all about from my working experiences. Do not take it any serious matter. You can also find your destinations. Just keep it legal and work hard for people or visitors.

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