Blogger Blogspot SEO Tips and Tricks


Blogger Blogspot SEO Tips and Tricks

Most important tips for keyword research bloggers. Google Search queries can give you more benefits ever. I talk about Google Search Console queries or keywords. For a better post ranking, you must know about the main keyword of your site or blog.

Google Search Console provided some queries or keywords on the performance tab. But it take might some days after submitting a URL on the search console.

So, if you are a newbie or starter, you must submit first your site on google. When you submit a site. it take also some crawling and indexing processes. After that, you will gradually see queries on the performance dashboard.

For this process, you have to write 2/3 posts before the index. Cause, google will show keywords depend on your articles or your site niche. That's why it is important to create 2 or 3 posts before indexing.

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Now you will see keywords on the search console dashboard. But it will see you fewer keywords. Which is not enough for research on that keyword. So, I think you understand that how important to write regular articles on a blog. 

From my experience, I was found categories keywords when I posted 6/7 articles on the blog. But I was writing regularly and that way I find also relevant queries on google. A relevant word can rank your posts on google.

TIPS: To create regular posts on the blog, it will automatically rank up by google for "web experience".

Search Queries Research

First, see the screenshot. 

Blogger Blogspot SEO Tips and Tricks

See the top queries list. The "SEO Boost Blogger Template" keyword is our example. This keyword has 38 impressions and 0 clicks. That means you can write and can well rank on this keyword.

So, this is a trick that you can rank posts on google. Be careful about find keywords. You must have taken the most impressive and click keywords.

Make A title for posts

Now you have made a title with a selected keyword for the post. Mind it, don't use any keyword directly. You need to modify it for the post title. Like in the below:

Blogger Blogspot SEO Tips and Tricks

Also, you must include your main word in the title. Which can engage visitors or traffic.

Make unique articles into the posts

your post must be unique to stand on google. Google wants unique articles for rank. If your post is copyright, you can't stand on google many times.

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So, write a unique post. It will help to increase rank on google.

No more today. The next day will share new SEO tips. Stay tune Techyhopper. If have any question or queries let us know in the comment section.

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